Stefano Guidi

Born in Turin, Italy 15/03/1986

A freelance photographer/videomaker since 2010 based in Turin, Italy.
Specializing in the News, Reportage, Entertainment, Sports and Commercial photography.

From 2010 approached the photojournalism started to work with web music magazine and locals sports newspapers for coverage amateur championships
of football match and other sports.

2012 – 2014
a freelance coverage with Infophoto Italian photo agency and
Corbis Images – USA photo agency
for News, Sports and Entertainment in Turin.

2014 – 2017
collaborate with a collective of photojournalists Awakening Photo Agency for the
News, Editorial and Entertainment in Turin and National territory on Getty Images photo agency.

started to freelance coverage with LaPresse Italian photo agency for news, local news, entertainment and sport in Turin, Italy

Available for assignments worldwide.